4 Quarters Resort Dalat, the house of Simple & very happy


Tourists to Dalat enjoy cool climate, where just step out of the door is experiencing the colourful flower tubes… Where people like the mountain forest can wander under pine forests, or simply sit sip coffee, try some cheap but tasty dishes on the streets. Dalat is also the land of the enjoyment, the Dalat brings us not too hurried and noisy, not so many shops open early and closed late, each morning will begin with coffee cups and the evening will dine with his family. From the lovers of Dalat and tourist likes, 4 Quarters are founded and put into operation with the motto: Simple & Hanh. Wishing everyone would like to travel to Dalat, there would be a sense of comfort as his own home.


The 4 Quarters are simple, not decorated in sesame color, built like a house of Dalat, painted white walls, hanging several paintings along the hallway and with a white barrier. [caption id = "attachment_1112" align = "aligncenter" width = "60The 4 quarters Dalat's guest room is simply designed.0"] The 4 quarters Dalat's guest room is simply designed. [/caption] The common space indicates a wooden table, recycled footwear shelves from the wood to let, on the table to a few small books and flower vases also have some fossil shoots, Salem… [caption id = "attachment_1113" align = "aligncenter" width The table between living room 4 quarters homestay, where there is always fresh flowers and small books for you to write guestbook.= "600"] The table between living room 4 quarters homestay, where there is always fresh flowers and small books for you to write guestbook. [/caption] The 4 Quarters ' bedroom has many types, but most notably the rooms are simply designed but quite full for couples, families or groups you need to take a break, work together and cook familiar food. [caption id = "attachment_1122" align = "aligncenter" width = "600Studio 4 quarters Dalat can accommodate 4-6 people."] Studio 4 quarters Dalat can accommodate 4-6 people. [/caption] Heading themselves four people, staying at the Studio room for the family or group of friends 4-6 who is the largest room in 4 Quarters. Two main beds with beddings and orange pillows catching eyes. The bed head has a shelf to give up neat map. In the cupboard there are additional sockets for you to use. [caption id = "attachment_1120" align = "aligncenter" wi2 Primary Bed room Studio-4 quarters Dalat Homestaydth="6000"] 2 main beds of the studio room-4 quarters Dalat Homestay [/caption] desk, eat breakfast or tea next to the balcony or cough, and this extra bed without the use may be compact as a A long-built. Available TV, cable TV for anyone who needs watching television, movie photography, football… [caption id = "attachment_1121" align = "aligncenter" widtSmall table in Studio-4 quarters from Dalat. Can sit for work or drink tea.h = "600"] Small table in Studio-4 quarters from Dalat. Can sit for work or drink tea. [/caption] Kitchen Corner with electric rice cooker, electric stove, boiled water kettle and chopsticks, bowl, spoon enough to serve your needs. There is a sink and a sink. [caption id = "attachment_1117" align = "aligncenter" width = "6Kitchen room in studio, Homestay 4 quarters Dalat00"] Kitchen in studio, Homestay 4 quarters Dalat [/caption] comfortable toilets, 4 quarters are also prepared for bath towels, shampoo, bath milk and hand washing water for you. My studio is available for 2 toilets, hot water. [caption id = "attachment_1119" align = "aligncenter" width Restroom 4 quarters of Dalat Homestay= "600"] Toilet 4 Quarters Homestay Dalat [/caption] 4 quarters is also happy. Deep in the small alley of Nguyen Van Tru, do not interfere with the caries and noisy of vehicles, the days at 4 quarters just want to wrap themselves in a sleeping blanket, or a hot cup of coffee , just sip just check the working mail. [caption id = "attachment_1115" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] SmaA small alley before 4 quarters homestay Dalatll Alley before 4 quarters Homestay Dalat [/caption] in front of the 4 quarters is a small vegetable garden, the early morning open the doors and gaze at the vegetables, picking natural vegetables that love the gentle life here come strange. If you have a girlfriend to go to Dalat, drop 4 Quarters, get a few food items, pick some fresh vegetables, together cook simple dishes, what is happier. [caption id = "attachment_1114" align = "aligncenter" width = "Couple double room at 4 quarters Homestay Dalat600"] Double room for couples at 4 quarters Resort Dalat [/caption] If families with young children,4 quarters will also be selected not bad. The room space is spacious, the door is lightweight, so it is not too nervous to bother others. This time on Dalat, blessed with the moon, a contributor to the four quarters, with whom you see something interesting. As an English lecturer at the National University of Retirement, she has traveled to Dalat to take care of and observe his child. She is also a man with a book of Vietnam Moment-the only book in Vietnam translated into three English language: English-Vietnamese-Korean, promoting tourism & Viet Nam culture. It's the original hue but a gentle, easy-to-hear Hanoi voice. I'm taking care of you too late to the bus. [caption id = "attachment_1118" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] MsMs. Yue, an interesting person at the 4 Quarters Dalat Resort. Yue, an interesting person at the 4 Quarters Dalat Resort [/caption] Those who prefer traveling are often easy to connect with each other, easy to share… I love to hear her stories and she is interested in what Team Go Explore… From the smallest things, donate a little bit, have a little to promote Vietnam into the world. 4 Quarters The Dalat homestay now has 3 facilities close to each other with enough room type, suitable for every object. From the dorm room for travel dust like yourself (price from 80k per person), double room for couples, studio rooms for groups of friends, family… Or you can even rent the whole grounds to complete freedom and comfort. Room rentals are good for the 4 quarters provided and there is a motorbike rental service for the Exploring Da lat. Farewell to the Yue, farewell to 4 quarters of Dalat Homestay, a small and happy house, he continues to the next point in the journey. I hope that this will always be so peaceful. If you travel Dalat, this is truly a place or cough to stay:) Who cares then refer more information about the 4 Quarters of Dalat Homestay: The current https://www.facebook.com/4quarters.vn/, the homestay information may have changed owner & Managing, remember to contact you before! Information about the room (may be updated, please contact us):
  • Low-cost double room, next door to 2 people: 230k per night.
  • King Bed double room with two persons window: 400k per night (weekdays), 450k/night (weekends).
  • Queen bed double room with balcony at 2 persons: 400k per night (weekdays), 450k per night (weekends).
  • King bed double room with balcony at 2 people: 450k per night (weekdays), 500k per night (weekends).
  • Studio standard with Kitchen at 4 people: 550k per night (weekdays), 600k/night (weekends)
  • Studio Deluxe Apartment with two toilets (6 persons): 700k per night (weekdays), 800k/night (weekends)
  • Studio Deluxe with Kitchen at 8 persons: 1000k per night (weekdays), 1200k per night (weekends)
  • Add a mattress to add more people and extra people: 100k per person.
Directions: From the Nguyen Van Tru-Hai Ba Trung, you go toward Nguyen Thanh Tru Games 200m, to Alley 66 (or 3t Alley) on the left hand, the alley is a squirrel coffee. Entering the gorge around 200m, near the end of the alley will see the four quarters, you have arrived. Or simply, just go to Google Maps type "4 quarters Homestay Dalat" and then go to the map that will arrive.



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