Updating exchange rates and locations when travelling abroad

In the widgets that need to prepare for a foreign tour, money is the second most important thing. This article shares currency exchange information and a number of foreign currency exchange locations as well as an experience to bring money while travelling abroad.

1. How much money to bring when travelling abroad?

As you see the money you bring for a tour will usually divide:

Preparing money when travelling abroad
Preparing money when travelling abroad

-Fixed money: Money Hotel, air ticket, train move, play Tour ticket…. These costs you can get out of or book before, pay by Visa…

-Money is not fixed: money eating and shopping is 2 the most difficult amount of money… You can balance 1.5 – 2 times the cost in Vietnam then multiply with the number of days.

-Money Backup: This section to cater to cases of trouble: losing money, damaging furniture, shopping too hand… This one you should leave elsewhere in baggage.

In my experience, then you are preparing to reserve the money USD and the International Payment card (Visa or Master) available for money, missed when travelling with the lack of payment can be used online or withdraw money.

How much it takes for each trip will depend on your "eating" level. Although themselves when travelling will choose the ways to save for charges, but not so that too "glue masterpieces" to make the trip lose much experience.

 2. Update exchange rate:

To exchange money as well as check for exchange rates, you can use this table: Currency conversion table

or visit Vietcombank's website: https://www.vietcombank.com.vn/ExchangeRates/

You can also use a number of apps such as Curency Converter, save to phone, every time you need to purchase overseas can draw calculations to approximate.

2. Where to change foreign currency?

Usually when you change money outside of money exchange points, you will have a better rate of exchange on the net. In your experience you should change the money part of the country, part USD.

-Foreign currency exchange in Vietnam: 

In Hanoi, when you go for money you can visit Ha Trung Street, which has many gold salons and currency exchange, almost any kind of money. In 2015 2009 on the Mekong tour, China, I have changed the currency of yuan here.

In Saigon, we change money in some of the following locations:

  • The Gold store is at the corner of two CMT8: good rates, but only a number of common currencies such as USD, SGD, Taiwan, Bath Thai… Myanmar Money (Kyat), Laos (Kip)… No.
  • Kyot changed Money 135 Dong Khoi, intersection angle with Nguyen Valentines. This is a cash exchange, which sells foreign currency for Vietnamese and foreign customers. Almost anything is available, it's a quick operation.
Changing money when travelling
Changing money when travelling
Changing money when travelling
Changing money when travelling
  • Some of the golden salons around Ben Thanh Market and Central District 1.

Foreign exchange abroad:

Depending on the country, you can exchange the country's currency at the airport after entry, even better rates when buying foreign currencies in Vietnam. Or at currency exchange points near the night markets, West Streets will also have cash exchange counters. However, for this case you should have a number of notes:

-Usually they'il change from US dollars to money, and there's little money in Vietnam (except for the gates with Vietnam).

-As in Myanmar, when I enter the scene and change USD over the Kyat, they only change the sheet $50 or $100, must be straight and not folded.

In your experience when going, payments via channel online, via Visa card is like Hotel, book tour… I will prioritize the card rather than cash. Cash will prepare both locally and dollars to backup.

Hopefully with this article will help you somewhat troubleshoot and get more questions about currency exchange or things related to rates, buying and selling foreign currencies when travelling abroad Nhé.


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