What brings you to the trekking of Everest Basecamp? Nepal tourism experience.

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About Trekking trips Everest Base Camp

Located in Nepal, Everest Base Camp is the famous trekking road palace and attracts mountaineering lovers and conquest. Every year there are many tourists around the world choosing Nepal to climb and Everest Base Camp is the most famous road palace, beside other road bows such as ABC…
Many people mistakenly think that trekking Everest Base Camp is up to the highest peak in the world. But not really, this is just a camping point, with a high elevation of 5,800 m… Is the camping point for the professional climber for climate-acquainted, thermal carving weather before conquering the summit of Everest.
-The trekking period offers Everest Base Camp 10 days to 15 days in which the schedule is usually designed for everyone is 12 days as follows:
[caption id = "attachment_3489" align = "alignnone" width = "Schedule Reference Trekking Everest Base Camp1596"] Schedule Reference Trekking Everest Base CAMP2 on Monday and 4th are the days spent so that people are accustomed to altitude, avoiding drowning or high-altitude cases. You can skip 2 days now if the body is enough to adapt. [/caption]
This trip is the farthest trip, time-consuming preparation and most cost. Therefore this article to share your experience for you is intended to conquer references.
(Because this article is written before going, so that the furniture will have a lack of excess, there is an effect, there is no one. You will therefore have a complete review after the trip.

Preparing furniture for trekking Everest Base Camp:

1. Papers, please enter a Nepal entry:

Since Nepal is the country granted VISA for Vietnamese people at the airport, so there's not much preparation for the Korean visa, Taiwan visa. You just have to:
-Passport is limited to six months.
-White background photo card 4×6: To cater for SIM registration…
-Form entry on the plane or register online before going.
-Money to Visa registration: $25 for 15 days and $40 for 30 days.
These things I put into a waterproof bag, wearing the party, along with the hotel booking, airfare.

2. Shoes Trekking

[caption id = "attachment_3496" align = "alignnone" width = "3000"] Choosing good shoes when trekking Everest Base Camp [/caption]
For the way of EBC, you should choose a good pair of shoes, capable of keeping warm and waterproof. Often, select the shoes that specialize in antique trekking. When buying a shoe should also carry a size, it can be carried thick or avoid a leg's bulging. I've been with Adidas Terrex, not good at the days of high, snow… The rest is OK.
Trekking shoes can be purchased in Nepal, but it is best to think that you should be available in Vietnam, used for familial familiarity before going.
Multiple moves, you should choose all that can be divided into each toe in order to avoid the herpes, purchase additional backup. I bring a total of 4 pairs of fingers and 2 pairs of normal socks.

3. Clothing, weight loss equipment:

Go trekking long days, if at the same time at the airport, in Kathmandu you will take about 16 days. It carries a lot of cold jackets, thus carrying the clothes as well and headaches.
-Austria: To fight off the cold at-5 degrees C at EBC, she intends to wear a wide variety of layers in them:
• Layers of body clothed in the same, can take Heatech (Uniqilo, Tesla…) or other kinds of sports jackets or sport: This will wear three days/piece, bring a total of four.
• Layers of T-shirts, choose a short hand T-shirt, the material can suck heat. This jacket is also used to wear when not climbing should carry five ones.
• Sweatshirts, buy in Delcathon: 1 piece
• Anti-wind and permeability layer: this can be purchased in the shop, buying the 2-3 class of the North Face, Madfox (like what is being used): two.
-Trousers: Similar to the jacket, the pants also divide many layers to wear in 12 days.
• Paper pants: 12 ones, rather and dropped daily.
• The tight pants that help keep the heat, he uses Tesla's pants.
• The same suit is often used as trekking pants, which can be waterproof at the same time can remove the tube to make the shorts or laundry dry fast: 3 ones.
-Hats: I carry a helmet and plan on buying an extra warm hat in Kathmandu, enough to cover your hands and protect his head.
-Glasses: According to the information read, the sunlight above the Alpine, especially when reflective and snow will be very harmful to the eye, causing glare and reducing vision. So you should prepare yourself for this: sunglasses, and have good UV resistance, and the image is also more visible. However, with people being approached like yourself, this glass will be somewhat uncomfortable, if it is recommended to reuse the sunglasses with the medium to moderate the eye protection.
-Gloves: Easy-to-do-cold hands are therefore also extremely interested in keeping the hands warm. I bring a pair of thick wool gloves that can use a touch-up phone and a pair of sweatgloves. Better, you should use a pair of possible anti-wind gloves, water-resistant.
-Climbing sticks: I borrow and carry a pair of climbing sticks, can go in snow… I have little use of sticks for trekking in Vietnam, but I find that there are sticks that will help gain the force and help the body to balance better.
-Towel: To keep your neck warm and wipe, this one has to carry a large towel and three versatile towels.
-Heat-keeping sticker: You also prepare extra heat sticker, the type can be pasted after the back of your bed or trekking. Remember to paste outside 1-2 the coat class, do not paste directly onto the skin to avoid burns. And after use, longer warm warmth can also be chopped and let in gloves. I bring 10 plates, bought in Lazada.

3. Backup drug:

-elevation shock is important that should be prepared for this trip. As many people go ahead, you can use the Diamox drug… It is purchased in the capital Kathmandu, Nepal.
-Sunscreen: Should carry 1 bottle of sunscreen type for face, SBF 50 (highest) because on the trekking road Everest Basecamp Sun will be very poisonous.
-Flu, headache, fever, abdominal pain..: Basic drugs should be purchased in Vietnam. It is carried by a stomach in a gastroin, 1-card Panadol, 5 Effaragan, 5 strepsin, a tall oil jar, an urgo individual ice box.
-Besides, you're going to get a few more tablets to add salt to your body.
4. Food:
Although the food on the trekking road Everest Basecamp is available in motels, however to replenish the energy while trek, to ensure adequate dining, avoid the non-state-of-the-state, and they must prepare quite a food carry :
-Gu Energy: Is foods supplement for energy jogging athletes, climbing, biking… Taste sweet, gel-like honey. Quite handy to use. She buys carrying over ifitness.vn of about 10 packages, with four different tastes: caramel, socola, vanilla, fruit.
-Chocolate: Because he carries a lot of Gu, he does not prepare too much of chocolate as trekking trips in Vietnam. You can buy more KitKat or Sneacker (with pleasant peanuts)… Bring.
-Rub cotton, dry chicken, canned fish: Because the climbing time lasts 12 days, the higher the climb heard that the food is difficult, many curry, no vegetables… So I'm preparing to get a few more salty dishes.
-1 packet of seaweed, which may be used to cook the soup.
-Dry Salary: Take backup when hungry Belly: 3 pack.
5. Map of Technology:
You take pictures with the phone mainly, so on this trip, also prepare pretty stuff:
-2 phones, taking pictures and backup, avoid cases when damaged or missing batteries, low memory. I use Galaxy Note 8 and Mobiistar Prime X Max (Type 4 cameras, help capture selfie groups, erase good fonts as well as healthy batteries).
-1 GoPro Hero 5, to leave moments along the way. Bring a GoPro clip into Balo, to record moments upon migration.
-1 foot machine, selfie Mefoto 3.0: This is a pretty nice rod, which can make your device, GoPro or selfie sticks with a remote Bluetooth connection that helps to take a remote picture.
-1 set of lens phones to capture wide angles and macros.
-3 Battery Backup department, a Anker 10,000 bureau, a Anker 26,000 bureau and Veger 10,000: Note The backup charge must be carried on a portable baggage, according to a number of people who share a person only with a maximum of 2 backup charging department , Max. 20,000 mah. However, when you bring through Tan Son Nhat customs, be questioned but still through normal.
-Cable, charge for full loss. I'm carrying a quick charging bureau at the same time, and Samsung's versatile rechargeable cord, which is made up of four different charging heads for many devices. Quite handy.
These technologies have to be removed in plastic bags or against water to secure Nhé.

6. Balo, Handbags:

Similar to the article you share about the essentials for a 4WD, trekking… But because there is slight climatic peculiarity, the trekking time should be noted few things after choosing Balo. You need to bring 2 Balo, handbags:
-1 A good climbing type laptop backpacks to carry daily climbing: has hip support, chest… You will carry about 5-10kg of essential widgets such as: cold clothes, food, weight gain, snacks, phone charging, camera… By taking laptop backpacks Osprey 38l, it's a bit big, you just have to laptop backpacks 25-30l.
This balo is also a regular bearing, so the choice of color, sleek, striking when taking pictures with snow mountains in Nepal.
-1 laptop backpacks or blank bag to send Porter: Climbing costume, sleeping bag, little food usage… or other unnecessary things. This bag is about 10-15kg, depending on porter. The group hired two men with a porter carrying about 25kg. I use the 30l anti-water bag, which is usually used to go to sea.

Packing map When trekking Everest Base Camp:

The most furniture on the trip is clothing. Therefore, you will be divided up with the set to use, wrapped in plastic bags, zip keys, each set will be changed in about 3 days, including:
-A man's shirt.
-3 paper pants.
-A bunch of pants.
-One of your fingers.
-A versatile towel.
Also trekking pants, coats, gloves… Also remove each separate plastic bag.
Food and hygiene equipment, also divided: things which use a regular: 1 bag (1 wet towel, a dry towel, toothpaste, high-beard knife, sunscreen, pills…) and a bag of unused things right now.
Increase energy, junk food on the first day: to in 1 bag, food reserves: 1 Private bag.
Because of the transit in Malaysia, your consignment luggage will pass straight over the plane to Kathmandu. The necessary items for use during transit (like 16 hours) should be carried in portable goods such as documents, backup charger, technology, body hygiene and… and some snacks. At Transit KLIA2, there is sleep and bath, so you remember to carry sleeping bags, and possibly clothing to replace. All the rest, get ready on the consignment luggage, pick up at Kathmandu airport.
In the days of trekking Everest, I will bring 1 laptop backpacks and send Porter 1 handbag.

Buy air tickets, hotel reservations, pre-service reservations in Nepal:

-Air ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal must go 2 races, transit in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur at a price of about $400-$600 past AirAsia's return, Malaysia Airline… If there are plans soon you can book tickets for a cheap price.
After arriving in Nepal, you need to fly one more flight from Kathmadu via the Yeti airline Lukla, this is a small aircraft, and the fare is usually fixed: the $368 time of return. It is said that this flight will be extremely enjoyable as propeller aircraft, which will fly through the Hymalaya range with many snowy mountains.
-Reservations in Kathmandu, you can search for motels at a very affordable price: about $10 per night for 2 people. Using booking or Airbnb to search
You can refer to the article about how to choose cheap, quality rooms.
can also save by booking on Booking.com get back $15 when you create an account via link:
Or get $35 for reservations on Airbnb via Link: HTTPS://LEXUANCUONG.COM/AIRBNB-35USD
-Exchange currency in Nepal to use: Because Nepal uses copper rupeee, so you prepare USD (changes in Vietnam, refer to post: Updated rates and exchange locations). Change a small amount of rupeee at Kathmandu airport to buy 4g sim, then go to the central area for better price.
-Place Airport pick-up: Like a Phuket tour, Koh Phi Phi, at the beginning of the year, this time using a shuttle service in Klook, a group of seven people should book a minivan, which can carry 5-10 people. I also made a shuttle to the next morning flying off the mountain leg and flying back after the trekking was finished.
-Insurance: The group itself sets AIG insurance, with the highest compensation rate of 3 billion (deaths), the cost of 18 days package is about 1TR1. AIG insurance is covered by many groups of pre-use, and has called the rescue helicopter carrying back the altitude shock when climbing the Everest Base Camp.

Contact Trekking EBC where? How does the trekking EBC cost?

There are many Vietnamese people who choose EBC, ABC to challenge themselves. And there are also many tour-designed packages from Vietnam or welcome in Kathmandu, with full licenses, insurance, Porter, dining, rest during the trekking period.
Or put on the Klook for the price:
Because I am self-sufficiency, should be self-book tickets, reservations, prepare insurance… and contact Tourguide, Porter on the trip.
-The cost for English tourguide will be around $25 per day and Porter is $20 per day (porters about 20-30kg map for 2 persons).
-Cost of accommodation about 2, 4, 5 $/night. Eating is also similar.
-Climbing licenses, sightseeing tickets (Tim & permit): $50
Also the cost of eating, tips will be about $5 per day.
The self-help will save more risk than the package tour, so you have to consider when choosing any kind.
This is the contact you guide that I have accompanied you with, very good everyone: https://www.facebook.com/gyurmey.sherpa

Prepare health and spirit for the trekking voyage Everest Base Camp:

Climbing is an exciting journey, hiking on the day, again in one of the farthest places ever… It must be an enjoyable experience, but it's no less to worry about. I see many of you female office workers conquered successfully, but there are also veteran climbing brothers in Vietnam that have suffered from high sickness and returned by helicopter.
The trekking itinerary Everest Basecamp will certainly also need good health, thus remembering time-fighting for rehearsing by jogging, swimming or escalating stairs… Although hiking or trekking, the days are going to take a swim, and a marathon at the Dalat Ultra Trail is 21 km away.
With this trip, I read a lot of post review, pick up many of the motivation as well as lend furniture to use, which saves kha pretty cost. Looking forward for soft kicking barefoot, conquering the successful US fullness to put forward the higher goals, farther.

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