Singapore Tours Remember to eat frogs of Singapore Frog & specialty Crab sauce peppers


When I traveled to Singapore and learn about food, everyone should try to take the crab sauce (chili crab), and I’d like to try another one of the frogs. Because in Saigon, the Singapore Frog porridge now appear to be popular, as well as to eat, do not know whether the Singapore frog porridge to eat in Singapore it is delicious or something different.

Crab sauce is seen as “specialty” in Singapore, so when to eat at restaurants or night markets It is seen appearing in the menu. Singapore’s first trip in 2016 2009, I didn’t eat this dish in Singapore (at the expensive too), which ate at the Seafood Bazaar on Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Pretty Tasty & cheaply.

Further references: Singapore tourism trip combines seafood in Malaysia by Cuong in 2016.

In the last day of Singapore’s trip this year, due to accompany the family, over the previous times there was a little money so I decided to lead the whole house to eat the chili sauce. When I find a pub to feed the chili sauce, see people or visit the No-signboard Seafood, but see the menu is slightly higher (90 SGD/kg). It is also in the Gaylang district, near the Eminent Frog Porridge ( oatmeal. The restaurant is open from 5pm to 4h the next morning Nhé! On the map & the store also prints Vietnamese sentences, there are also many Vietnamese people to visit. The menu also records: Trusted old brand in Frog Porridge should be well worth it. The Menu also does not have too many choices, mostly frog porridge many different tastes and sell extra crab sauce. The crab is quite loud, with the red, eye-catching sauce. Although it is called a chilli sauce, he does not feel too spicy, only slightly the Mieng. Crab sure meat, 2 the bigger big & very sweet. The fever is not very special, and it is slightly pale… if more bread is eaten, it must be better. Porridge & Frog is sold separately… You can shout the amount of your wants. There’s a white rice to eat if you want. The frog is pretty hot, when it’s brought out by the pot, it’s boiling, you should be careful. Your home goes three men, call a crab 1kg, as the famous chili sauce in the 50 sgd, 4 the Frog 22 SGD, a portion of porridge Medium 3 SGD, 1 cup 50cent rice. About 25 SGD (nearly 500k) per person. In Singapore There are also many other dishes, however rarely cheap due to entering material from Malaysia or other countries. However, if there is a chance you should also try, this article is in the chain of Singapore travel articles as well as foreign travel experience that enhances sharing. For more information, please refer to our travel details:

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