Discover Nami Island, South Korea-Film school "Winter Love Song"

The island of Nami from is a tourist destination familiar to Korean tourists as well as in Vietnam. Not only excellence because of the scenery, the late, Nami Island is also known as the famous "Winter Love" movie.[caption id = "attachment_1438" align = "aligncenter" width = "450South Korean island of Nami"] Island Nami Korea [/caption]

The island of Nami is a semicircular island located on the Cheongpyung River, South Korea, more than 60km from Seoul. Usually just over 1h the clock ride, but if the high season travel, you can 2-3h clock for the move from Seoul to Nami.

Before the island Nami not be like now, all trees, campuses and facilities… were renovated, building about over 50 years ago. Especially the blue-covered island by the birch, ginkgo, Maple Leaf… or cool green vegetation. And the owner of the island was also named Republic of Nami (Naminara repulic).

Travel experience Dvirtual Nami, film school "Winter Love Song"

In Nami Island, you can rent a bicycle and bike along the roads under the canopy. Autumn is usually the season of color change when the leaves turn to gold and red, so also the peak season of Korean travel.

Travel experience Dvirtual Nami, film school "Winter Love Song"

The Maple Forest in Nami Island is not large, only 2 rows of low trees and a small road in the middle. This season leaves a lot of colours, if one month or so, will probably red the maple leaf.

Travel experience Dvirtual Nami, film school "Winter Love Song" Travel experience Dvirtual Nami, film school "Winter Love Song" Travel experience Dvirtual Nami, film school "Winter Love Song"

Ferry through Nami Island, on this flag of many different countries, has Vietnam. Ferry through the island will expire 15 minutes, but if you like feeling strong and have a bit of cost, can try Zipline.

Travel experience Dvirtual Nami, film school "Winter Love Song"

Tourism in Nami Island developed from the late 90, but is only true that it was around the years 2002 after the winter Love film was widely screened and made great success in Korea as well as many Asian countries like Japan. , Vietnam.

And that is also the reason that now on the island Nami there are a lot of symbols of love like hearts, mirrored statues in the film… And the giant photo frame of the two starring Bae Yong-Jun and Jung Yu-jin.

[caption id = "attachment_1876" align = "aligncenter" widthPicture of the two main cast of the winter love movie = "401"] Photos 2 cast of the Winter Love Movie edition [/caption]

Travel the most beautiful Nami island in the fall and winter, in romantic landscapes and at a special venue where it is suitable for couples. However, the island is quite small and into buying travel will be quite crowded, so go to the island so soon to visit for comfort Nhé.

Refer to a number of services on the island of Nami that you may be interested in: Https://

For Vietnamese tourists, to the island of Nami or Seoul, you need Korean visa, do you have a detailed article to guide a Korean travel visa how easy?, you can refer.

In addition, you can also book a number of services that wish you will soon have a tour of exploring the country is full of fun.


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