Review Heritage Hostel, China town when travelling Singapore

Share more 1 Hostel yourself using the Singapore tour with his family. Near the dining area, shopping that cost is also OK for you to reference.

When you search for a family accommodation in Singapore, one of the most measured problems is cost & its position. Because late choice points near China town, easy for shopping and dining… as well here there are also many attractions like Chinese pagoda: Budha Tooth, Hindu Church, Night Market… and beautiful ancient streets.
At the search for hotels on Airbnb the cost is quite untold, at least $50 for a 3-person room, and after a long search, I chose at the small Heritage hostel-1 hostel in South Bridge Street, near opposite the Budha Tooth Pagoda in China Town. It has many bus stops in front, or you choose the nearby MRT China Town station.
I'm going for three, I'm a sister to you, so I chose Family room consisting of three single beds (1 single bed + 2 beds) in a private room & the use of shared toilet: room rate is 62USD per night.
In the room use the mattress for the orange… Each person gets a small towel, and slippers comes in the house.
Each bed has a small socket (3-slot square holes) & 1 small lamp. At the table, it is equipped with an use socket to charge the battery similar to the Vietnam. The rooms have a use of a single air conditioning, but the bed is slightly above, so the temperature must not be too cold.
Toilets are on the ground floor & the first floor, each with two floors, includes shampoo, bath milk, and hot water… Also in the ground there is a 10-bed dorm room.
The restroom is somewhat small and old but clean.
Here we stay 3 nights, so if there is a need to change the towels are free. There are no free laundry available. You just give up on the dirty baskets on each floor, the morning will have the person bringing down & laundry & expose in the ground floor toilets for you, dark away from being a clean wear map.
In the hostel is available for refrigerators, some basic kitchen utilities & hotly free Drinking water (hot air conditioner). You can use free, refill water for free. But remember to keep the hygiene and neat.
Similar to other hotel guests, there is a sale of sightseeing tickets in Singapore and free mapping.  You can also ask for the tickets to buy here, however often they will be pre-purchased from the Web or app activities in order to carry out a paper ticket and have incentives.
Refer to his link or buy activities in Singapore. If you are a new account enter the code: U887V (down 3.5 USD)
Normally these hostel types in Singapore will serve breakfast at the hostel including sandwiches with peanut butter, strawberry jam… and here you will be given each person a coupon, used at the nearby Maxell Food Centre , you vote on the available list counters and use:
Eat recently, choose at the Maxell Food Centre, 7 Eleven or the China Town night Market… Generally it is easy.
I'm picking up here for two nights, and it's worth the Heritage hostel, which is cheap, convenient, many free utilities. However, the house is quite old, the manager is slightly older.
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Since Singapore's room cost is quite expensive, you can apply for sure to have a need to use.
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