Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa

Located near Hanoi, it has beautiful scenery as well as a variety of cultural features. Formerly Ninh Binh attracts tourists in the north on two weekends but after Kong movies as well as many images, clips about Ninh Binh Travel is shared, it also attracts people in the south when it flies out two days of the weekend.

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Ninh Binh Tourism explores the three cups of Bich dong.

After the Ninh Binh trip in 2016, Cuong has written a review on Ninh Binh Tourism in a day, exploring the cave, Đầm Vân Long, Hang Mua, Hoa Lư. , on this northern expedition, Cuong also tried to try a well-known place of Ninh Binh that many people often visit is the Bai Dinh temple, the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia.

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2 day Ninh Binh Travel itinerary:

Day 0: Fly SG-Ha Noi:

From Saigon, I put a ticket to Hanoi for a long time trip (for booking 0 VND), so the airport is also at 1h. Since there is not much time, we stay at the hotel near Noi Bai to the next morning to take the car to Ninh Binh.

At Phuong Nam Hotel, located right next to Noi Bai Airport, however, if the road count is also close to 2km should I catch the taxi. However, the taxis in the intern do not take short trips (who go to the internal post also will meet this combination), if you want to get a taxi, walk out of the ticket. And the taxi doesn’t use the clock that the deal always cost 50k for two people. Link Hotel Reservations Phuong Nam: Https://lexuancuong.com/booking/khach-san-phuong-nam

I put the car from Homeland-Ninh Binh (pay guests in Tam CoC) via Vexere trip 5h20, the fare is 200k per person… he uses Vexere’s services several times that this time sticky. Even though Alo has a driver several times to prompt for early morning departure, however, it is time to wait for an hour to see if the car, so call the vehicle’s hotline. Rather frustrating, so when you call the garage at 6h30, you’re always a colon, and then the taxi catches you with another car, another on Ninh Binh. And when it comes to Ninh Binh, the taxi is welcomed through the three cups. The car is also quite old, it is not satisfied because the price of 200k per ticket is not cheap, but the car attitude when calling for an apology and asking for a visit after the three cups.

After arriving in Ninh Binh, he chose to take the first three cups, as the original plan would take three cups on 1, then to check out the rest of the room, and then afternoon the cave of Sunset, and Day 2 would go to Trang An.

Discovery of Tam COC-Flanges

Tam COC is the place to be filmed for the most magical photo in the rice season. Do not know how many travel clips about Vietnam are filmed here, however, as the experience itself goes to Ninh Binh before this time, you should only go into the ripe rice stage, or at least have rice. I’m going to take this in December, so there’s no rice, it’s time to see if the weather should be impossible. It was less than a guest, and the last time you traveled Ninh Binh.

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Ben Tam CoC, where there are many colourful passenger planes.
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This season has no rice.
kinh nghiem du lich ninh binh 19 1024x768 - Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa
Sit boat along Tam CoC River, pass through 3 different caves.
kinh nghiem du lich ninh binh 11 1024x768 - Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa
The big little caves are different, remember to avoid hitting your head on you!

You will be on a small tank and travel along the river moving along the river, passing and watching the scenes along 3 dynamics (called Tam Coc). Along the way, there will be a few stops as temples, the temple and at the point of rotation are similar to the floating market, where she rowing to sell tourists: drinking water, gun flowers, fruit… Price is affordable, not to the point of cutting.

Tam COC Tourist tickets for Vietnamese guests are 120k/ticket, rent money (up to 4 people) is 150k. You can wait to pair the boat in a joint or go 2, then the ticket amount + 390k.

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In addition to buying a three-cup, you will have to rent more to move.

Check-in at Lotus Field Homestay:

After looking on the Airbnb room near the colon An & has a beautiful view then you choose your Lotus Field Homestay, a Homestay is quite impressive with a secluded bungalow, in front of the rice paddies… quite impressive, but when it comes to reality, there are many things that are not Like that.

Again as the bad season, Rice & Sen was also no longer, in front of homestay there were only few cotton guns… however the advantage was quite quiet. Appropriate if someone wants to go to a vacation.

The location on the map you Lotus Field is inaccurate, the fact that I have to go to a gravel of about 1, 5km… with two sides of rice fields, this season is empty. To go here is quite difficult if you are not active to be vehicles like motorcycles because taxis are also quite hard to find in.

Homestay is quite ok, big bungalow for family (3 double beds), so price is more than $51, pretty high if you’re just two people like yourself.

Breakfast is included in the room rate quite well with a few choices such as noodle soup and bread with eggs… and a portion of orange juice or coffee.

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Breakfast at Lotus Field Homestay.

Visit to Trang An Thang:

Borrow bicycles free of charge in homestay, and you pedal to the colon. The path of ice stone, pedal will not matter if the early pre-dark sun

kinh nghiem du lich ninh binh 29 768x1024 - Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa
The way to the Lotus Field homestay is full of stone… Length is more than 1km.

Trang an does not have to introduce much because it is so well known, go to Trang An 1 day tour from Hanoi simple. Last time I walked the tourist season so crowded too, so moving through the cave, this season should go much more comfortable.

A tour of the Trang An tourist area is 200k per person, including sightseeing tickets and always, other than in Tam coc. Every four people, if you go to two people like yourself, will be paired with the two people who go to the tour online. To send a bicycle in the Corolla is 10k/turn:)) God, the first time you see the bike sent… in 2016, he sent 10k cars here is cooking, and the bike is missing 10k:)).

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Sightseeing tickets in Trang An. Modern cards with words, just tap through is spent.

You can choose 1 of 3 online sightseeing, each route passing through the Caves & Shrine, different shrines. Private Online 2 and Line 3 will pass through the village of Kong, the movie of Kong Skull Island (note this is closed soon-“Aboriginal” at about 5pm) so it must be a little early.

kinh nghiem du lich ninh binh 23 1024x768 - Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa
The sightseeing routes are in Trang An.

According to his assessment, the two main experiences in the Corolla are sitting in the middle of the river around the surrounding mountain of Hung Vy, and visit temples, Aboriginal villages… because not people who prefer to visit many temples should be seen as if they were sitting in the boat. Slowly from the water line.

The Aboriginal village was retained after the Kong film crew moved away. Here in addition to the straw huts, the inhabitants will also be fashionable in the movie and take pictures with you.

With a wider campus, more scenic than three cups… The Trang has several paired couples to take a wedding photo.

Dinner at the restaurant near homestay and then on vacation… This resort’s Lotus Field is a bad fit for a night bike. I’m not recomend for you here if there’s no motorbike. The evening here is quite peaceful, but there are mosquitoes, dark homestay campus… so do nothing but go to bed early.

Experience a king of the star Sa, indulge in Ninh Binh goat meat

Or use Airbnb to book the room, do not try to buy the Exeprience section service when. The day before Ninh Binh, having found the king Sao Sa shower service, I put the service and chat with you host, which was in the early years to participate in the joint operation of the popcorn, baked outside the copper before about the cigarette bath.

kinh nghiem du lich ninh binh 36 768x1024 - Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa
Visit the Herbal Gardens of cooperatives, where to use as bathing pills, soaking… and sell many other related products.

Bathing in Sao Sa is a bathing activity and a dip in the hot water soak and private bathrooms. If you go to Sapa, it is often the same thing that the Indians are in the same way, there will be a bathtub of bathing from the herbs in this region, by sharing from you host, this a soaking From ancient, dedicated to the agents of the noun of natural biological herbs in the pharmaceutical region.

kinh nghiem du lich ninh binh 9 1024x768 - Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa
The Honeysuckle tea is filtered through by the dried bodhi leaves.

After 30 minutes soak in the aromatic brown water flavored leaves, feeling the heat of the body, but quite an orgasm… to hear that soaking bath will make the skin more beautiful and more refreshing.

Where there is a small bathtub 1 person at 200k, the tank 2 is a 300k & 700k large room (up to 7 people), not limited to bath time and have included tea, fresh fruit, candies… before after the shower Nhé! I heard someone can soak up more than two hours. If you book a shower service here, read the cuongly code (you will be reduced by 20%!)

I waited for the bus to Hanoi, you should have made a lunch with some of the typical features of Ninh Binh as: Ninh Binh pressure goat, goat sauce with fire… and soup, vegetables and rice… and buy little souvenirs (bath powder , soaking foot, soap…) It was produced by the cooperative.

kinh nghiem du lich ninh binh 24 1024x768 - Ninh Binh Travel Experience 2 days: Trang An, Tam coc, Bath king Sao Sa
Feast is priced at 460k. The Chao 250k goat, the rice sauce 150k fire, the remaining rice, soup & rau fry.

À, in your host-the name of the dealer, also homestay on Airbnb, looks like if anyone here is also endowed with this star’s shower package: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/26377038

You can sign up for an Airbnb account with this link to receive preferential $47 use the book services on Airbnb: Https://lexuancuong.com/uu-dai-airbnb-hot ($34 for reservations with value from $75 or more + $13 to put the experience entry service with value from $48)

11h, the Khanh An Limousine vehicle, was placed by pickup and transported to Hanoi, finishing two days exploring Ninh Binh. Your experience is that you should be in a nine-seat Khanh An limousine, while traveling from Ninh Binh to Hanoi is pretty good. Price if from home-Ninh Binh is 300k/ticket, while tickets from Bai Tu-Hanoi Pagoda (the Central Circus is 190k/ticket). Booking Number: 19008629, the consultant staff is quite enthusiastic!


Ninh Binh Tourism experience is worth a withdrawal after the trip is:

  • Place a Limousine in Ninh Binh Travel (add 50k) or take a bus to the center of Hanoi (40k) and go back to Ninh Binh. The car is saying above is a little bit of a plan.
  • If you hire a motorbike to travel in Tam CoC District, Trang An… for active. Because the bike is good, it’s a little too convenient to stay at the homestay.
  • You should withdraw the residual balance to use, in the colon only to see only one ATM in front of the resort that is nowhere to withdraw.
  • Remember the beautiful sunshine before traveling, as the weather would be suitable to take more pictures.

If you don’t have much time, be able to refer to the article
about: = > Ninh Binh Travel experience
1 day = > or Ninh Binh Tour 1 day: Https://lexuancuong.com/ninh-binh-1-ngay

Cost for 2 days travel Ninh Binh for 2 persons

Phuong Nam Hotel, Noi Bai300k per nightHttps://lexuancuong.com/booking/khach-san-phuong-nam
Guest-Ninh Binh passenger car400k/2 TicketsThis car doesn’t encourage you to go.
Lotus Field Homestay Accommodation51 $ per night, including breakfasthttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/18551075
TicketsJoin OverviewTam COC390k/2 people + t 
TicketsJoin Overview Trang An200k per person 
King Sao Sa Shower ticket300k/2 Person RoomYou have 20% off.
Lunch in the king Sao Sa shower460kThe Chao 250k goat, the rice sauce 150k fire, the remaining rice, soup & rau fry.
Other Dining1000k3 Meals Day 1
Ninh Binh Limousine Vehicle-Ha Noi190k/Ticket 



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