Many and many people go to Africa, travel Africa… What's hot?

Bài viết này có gì?

After traveling in the Maldives, tourism New Zeland… Many of my friends redirect to the new tourist destination in the Africa region. I don’t have many opportunities to choose from trips further, out of Southeast Asia, Asia… but when it comes to travel to Africa, I have also been knowing about Africa through books and movies

The harsh sand desert

Referring to Africa should be sure to think of the right to the famous Sahara desert. If you look on a terrain from a satellite, a North African area highlights the yellow sand. The Sahara is also the largest desert in the world, the 3rd largest desert, after the north and Antarctica. Sahara desert, destination in Africa travel itinerary In the ancient reading of the Sahara desert, or as in the famous book “The Alchemist”, although in harsh environments, is nearly 60 degrees Celsius, in the Sahara there is the oasis of the Desert, which contains water… is the place of the nomadic tribes before visiting.

(The Alchemist is a very good book, worthwhile to read. Link buying book)

The Sahara cruises are mainly riding tours of camels or driving… Even the Marathon run here. In Vietnam, if you would like to try out feeling the desert trekking, then you can try trekking “The Desert Cottage” in Binh Thuan, just over 10km.

Blacks & the “Mystical Tribes”:

Although in Africa now many places have white people (South Africa, the area near the Mediterranean Sea…) or yellow skin (area near West Asia), due to the “occupation”, migrated as well as marriage, but when mentioning the Africans, the default in your head is black people, curly hair or bare-minded. Like the three fathers in the movie “God Must Laugh” well known. Refer to the tribes in Africa, thinking right to the tribes that draw white dots, red…… made of leaves, wearing metallic jewelry… or even a plate on the lips. Currently, there are many African tours that exploit to visit, explore culture of these tribes.

The Nile and legendary Egyptian pyramid:

The Nile (Nile) is the world’s longest river, through 11 African countries and is poured into the Mediterranean Sea. Watch movies or read stories, learn about ancient Egypt will see the mounts between the ancient Egyptians and the river. Today when arriving in Egypt to travel, people parallel to the selection of destinations such as Pyramid, famous Sphinx… a number of operations on the Nile are also selected.

(Review of the Travel Blogger Nhi Dang, 1 person whom I follow on Facebook, about the pyramid in Egypt)

The mystery of the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt…… is still more mysterious. And the greatness of it, one of the Seven Wonders of the world… so when the condition should put your feet. But in a tour, I have heard of the “clutter” of people who do travel in Egypt, in particular area around the pyramid, so you should be able to find out before going to the point!

See the “Animal World”:

One of the most well-known TV shows in the world is “animals”, which often records images in a herd of relics of migration, or lions, hyenas, and prey… and the scenes are often filmed in Africa. , where there are much first wildlife. This is probably the most desirable point for me in this black continent. In parallel with the conservation of wildlife before the current hunting of animal hunters (rhino, ivory…), there are some countries in Central Africa who have been exploring the world of animal species in the national parks. which has to mention Kenya’s travel, with a tour of the Masai Mara National Sanctuary, see the lives of the largest species: Lions, elephants, forest buffaloes, rhinos, and Panthers… With zebra, the head of the cow…

Refer to Photo & the information of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bao shared on Facebook.

And other super-attractive things in Africa:

In addition to the above things, currently, African tourism is widely shared about Maroco, the country located in North Africa, which is heavily influenced by trade traders with countries in southern Europe. Referring to African travel, although the island Sea is not strong, a few pictures of the pristine beaches in Central Africa, Madagascar must also rethink.

In addition, with mountaineers and trekking, the summit of Kilimanjaro (5.895 m), the roof of Africa is also an attractive destination. However, to conquer it, the cost and health are not simple. Tourism Africa also has a lot of mysteries with tourist lovers in Vietnam, due to geographical distance, cost, Visa policy and many obstacles. With this article, based on the understanding of Cuong, hope that everyone will have a profile look at the “Black Continent”, knowing where one day there will be a chance to set the foot.]]>

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