10 days left – its about to go trek in Nepal…!!

For those who prefer climbing-trekking, Nepal must be the most attractive destination. The Palace trek EBC, ABC in recent years, has many Vietnamese conquests, but neither few people fail… Although they have conquered many mountains in Vietnam, but the long-lasting journey is a little more than a very cold ride. Here's the trip there:The longest palace trek, almost 2 weeks with 8 days up and 4 days down. But also the nicest. -The greatest elevation… The highest Vietnamese mountains are about 3000m, which is also a section of 4000m… This offer is over 5000m. -The coldest temperature, heard peak to-10 degrees Celsius. Try two degrees cold and don't know how… -Most expensive… This is a stretch. -As far as you are. Fly over three days. … And you will be the most experienced! Ten more days, and I'm a little spiritual, money… Hope in the journey and a month after Vietnam will have many things or cough, beautiful photos, useful experiences to share with siblings. Good luck. [caption id = "attachment_3141" align = "aligncenter" width = "600Trekking for sand-dunes, the most tired road supply in the easternmost, extremely costly."] Trekking in the sand, full of sunshine in Vietnam during the double nose trekking, and coming will be the snow-filled roads! [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_1491" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] TrekkingGuide Trekking features – Phan Dung 1.5 day – the most beautiful Trekking road in Vietnam. features – Phan dung 1.5 days – the most beautiful trekking road in Vietnam. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_939" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] TrekkTrekking at the highest mountain of Cambodia-Phnom Aural.ing at the highest mountain of Cambodia-Phnom Aural. [/caption] Photo: Travel Triangle]]>

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