Princess’s Room – Dorm dedicated to women when travelling Quy Nhon

When travelling in self-sufficiency, women are always in the situation of "inconvenience" when choosing hotels/homestay because of safety issues, as well as accompanying amenities. In this article, share with people about hostel prints's Room: dedicated to the newly opened ladies in the city of Quy Nhon beautiful Sea city with many popular tourist attractions such as the United States, the Strait of Wind…

Since you're the female hostel, you should understand the needs of your women when travelling… The decor of the hostel is also in pink tones & the offers of items for women such as hair drying, makeup room with large makeup mirrors…

This hotel's room is dorm built from a four-storey house which includes a kitchen, a floor is a large dorm room up to 12 people, and a rooftop terrace for barbecue. There are 3 toilet services available for guests to stay here:

-Ground floor: Living room, 12-person dining table, kitchen + 1 toiletPhòng guests are available travel Handbook Quy Nhon, sofa, internet TV Television, slippers, slippers instead to go in the house. Kitchen has enough refrigerators, cabinets, kitchen gaz, spices. For you to enjoy cooking.

-2nd Floor is home to a pink dorm room, consisting of 6 bunk beds, 12 + 1 toilets for b
edrooms, full facilities with: Air conditioning, fan, hairdryer, large room, dressing room, large makeup mirror , brushes, lockers are individually locked with a small valy size/Balo, water streams Life, high speed WiFi, beautiful view room with large windows. 

All 3 toilets are clean, offer available: toothpaste, bath milk, shampoo, water heater, shower, trash, water hose, lavabo.

-Floor 3: Laundry drying room + terrace with lounge chairs, landscaped, flowers, available for barbecue. 

Especially in this dorm, with ladies and women, after going to play on the remaining free incentives: Fresh fruit masks to restore the skin after the sun sightseeing hours + the herbal immersion. 

Located at 34 Nguyen Hien, Dong da ward, Quy Nhon's Room, opposite Ha Thanh River, is located not too far away with a few places of sightseeing, dining highlights in Quy Nhon as: 

-The only six-way chicken
is 1 km away from a
dam-way from Tan Xuan Seafo
od market, isthmus, dried up 16km-
the longest cross-sea bridge of Asia-bridge complaint 20
0m-how the scenic twin towers are 500m-h
ow to beach 10 ' motorbike-arou
nd how Covered by restaurants, seafood eateries, 

With a variety of unique advantages, it is designed to match the groups of women you have when you select Quy Nhon as a location for your upcoming travels.

And here is also rental motorbike for you: Scooter only 100k per day but also armed with enough helmets, raincoats, though. 

Leasing price Only: 130k per person/bed/24h (Checkin Time: by arrival of & Check out along with the guest hours)

Reservations: Priner's
room-fanpage: Princess Dream Room-s
đt 0379 33 5080 Ms Tram

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