Transit Kuala Lumpur, Hello Nepal, ready for Everest Base Camp

Flights to Kathmandu, Nepal to trekking Everest Base Camp I chose this time as the airline's Air Asia at 16h20, is expected to be available at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) After two hours, and will transit there add 22h before crossing to Nepal at noon the next day. Per person with 20kg of consignment, hot food on the flight, the cost is 11p round trip.

As transit is quite long, every person must prepare to add sleeping bags, snacks, you can consult your previous article to see the experience of the map pack.
Tan Son Nhat Airport today is not too queuing for exit procedure, the security was passed quickly, although the record was asked about the backup charging department.
Although not delay but after sitting on the plane, he continued to wait around about 1h the new clock was flown.
KLIA2 Airport is a sizable airport and numerous transit flights, which are quite complete. Without entry procedures to Malaysia, then in the waiting room is quite full of dining, shopping… There is area to sleep, charge the battery, grab water and bath… Outside the lounges area, there are both hotels and foodcort.
N The second is a day long, flying from Malaysia through Nepal lasts more than four hours, plus changing the time zone makes people tired pretty much.
Airasia's aircraft for Malaysia-Nepal are large aircraft, divided into three ranges and different compartments. On the plane, a member sends you a sheet of information to fill in and register for entry.
Visit Trubhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu City, Nepal, around 2h. Trubhuvan is an old airport with red bricks. The procedure for the Nepal immigration Visa is also very much time consuming.
First, be queuup to scan your passport for information on the automatic machine. Enter the full personal information, the number of days of entry and take pictures directly with your camera.
Once completed, return a bill and pay for a different level of Visa: 15 days (multiple entry) is $25, 30 days is $40. Remember to prepare the retail for quick submission.
After receipt of currency receipts, go to the stamped entry counter, Visa paste. So it's done, maybe going into the territory and tourism Nepal.
I have to change money and buy 4g sim. NCell's 4g Sim has packets with different storage. You will have to fill out the form information, photo collage (3×4 or 4×6… are), take the passport then put the phone to the registered employee. The process also cost a lot of time due to the eastern people lined up.
The entry process, take baggage and buy the 4g sim at the airport takes up to 2h his clock. Since here are quite crowded, it's pretty tiring to be lined up long, and you should also be careful of furniture.
I put Klook's car shuttle service, the driver will hold the Klook and your name to catch. In Nepal cars pretty much, the car runs on the left, so the road is very easy to get trapped. The driver today has a silk steering wheel, plus many damaged streets, the distance from the airport to the center is not long but it is nearly about 1h clock and the feeling of being drunk.
The streets of Kathmandu are present with a blind dust. I've been heard of the smoke here, but I can't imagine it's horrible. Check in the Stupa guest House, a small hostel located on the 2nd floor of 1 old condo, the price is also cheap with just $5 per person per night, there is also breakfast with the dining section also games $3.
After check-in, the first job to do is to rent, buy more trekking, as well as change the rupeee money. Thamel District is a paradise of trekking with coral shops, you can buy shoes, outfits, sleeping bags, climbing sticks… At cheap price (should bid about 2/3), or even rent.
Besides, there is also a wide variety of beautiful souvenirs and features such as towels, rugs, leather bags… And especially the rings, jewelry… Buddhist utensils such as bells, statues.
Dinner today, according to the introduction, his team dropped dinner, loaded energy before his voyage at the Mountain Steak House Restaurant. It is a restaurant that sells cattle specialties, and special parts of beef 0.5 to 1kg for 2 people to eat. Groups of seven people, eating a special part 1kg, 3 450g parts with different fevers. Cow raw pieces, quite tasty, although not soft, sweet like Australian beef, but for quite cheap prices… You can try and load energy. Remember to eat with yellow mustard, very fragrant and tasty.
Evenings in Nepal shop sales and map rentals will be closed soon. The Games saw the streets more absent. Therefore, if you want to hire a map, you should be at a time. Flying a flight to Lukla on 9h30 the next morning, so also to make a debate about to recompose furniture, rest for the next 12 days.

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