How to registering an Airbnb host account to receive tourists and earn money

I just completed an Airbnb host account and was able to start picking up tourists and earn money. I see now there are quite a lot of friends who are interested in the register for an Airbnb account, not only for travel, but also for renting an empty room at home, or opening homestay, hostel du so I wrote this article so that people can easily register.

Note, first use this link of Cuong to register for an Airbnb account and receive $ 46 (1 million) can later book a travel room: then go here to register as an Airbnb host account: https: //

 Register for Airbnb account get $46 free:
Register for Airbnb account get $46 free:

However, before going through the details of all the steps to register for an account at the bottom, please refer to Some advantages

Why did Cuong choose to be an Airbnb host and earn money?

1- Because I like this site: Airbnb has a lot of homestay types, Hostel … is a form of savings that I use often. I like to talk to the landlord when traveling to understand the destination, people there … and to improve my English skills. I also want to meet many traveling fans, so being an Airbnb host is a good way. As Airbnb said on their homepage is:

“Airbnb connects people with places to stay and experiences around the world. The community is made up of homeowners who provide customers their chance to travel like a local “.
” You can make money by sharing your room or house with tourists from all over the world. You welcome guests & interact How customers are completely up to you. “

2- The cost of homeowners must pay for Airbnb is very cheap, compared to other room book sites. The amount paid for Airbnb is only 3%, while Agoda and is 15%.

3- A variety of rooms can be sold, from the hostel room to the residual bedroom in your home, hotel room, tent, dorm bed … like here I am posting to rent a room in your apartment. Apartment with 2 bedrooms, I stay 1 and rent 1.

4- Airbnb has a large customer base diversity, according to Airbnb statistics, their number of participants is 800,000 seats per night and not only for tourists but also for those who come to Vietnam to work. .. this number is even more.

5- As a landlord, you know the information of the reservationist before confirming. If you are a hotel, homestay, hostel business … then choose a comfortable guest more roof. But as if I were renting a room in an apartment, I need to choose a more suitable guest, with the guest information on Airbnb (review from places they used to stay …), I can agree to let them rent or not. And you are also the one who decides the rules of the house, interacting with guests before agreeing to let them stay, even though they are the payers.

“Airbnb is built on trust, all Airbnb travelers must send profile pictures and verify their phones and emails. Landlords can also love ID request from the government, guests and homeowners can & nbsp; leave a public review after completing the trip “

6 – 2 million dollar insurance package from Airbnb. This is for cases where guests break or steel furniture, accidents … with the terms attached, please refer to the Airbnb homepage:

– Insurance for property: https: //

– Accident insurance: https: //

7 – Add a monetization channel: Currently many of Cuong’s friends are trading Airbnb from renting old houses, renovating and renting on Airbnb … also 1 You use your existing room (like Cuong) to rent for extra income. As here, the apartment in Thu Duc that Cuong is renting is calculated by Airbnb to be able to be collected: 5 million / month.

8 – It’s easy to register an Airbnb host account, open the door for visitors or stop with just a few simple steps. Regarding the registration steps below, Cuong only takes about 1 hour to bring the room to Airbnb and pick up guests. However, to be beautiful and attractive, you need to invest more in images & amp; Your content.

Detailed instructions for registering as an Airbnb host to pick up tourists and earn money

Step 1: Sign up for an account with the link: (use this link for more support and promotions)

If you want to optimize, go to Cuong’s link to register for an Airbnb account and get $ 46 (1 million) can later book a travel room: then enter the link above.

Step 2: Enter basic room information:
According to calculations, the private room in Thu Duc area for 2 guests can earn 5 million per month .. .. If Cuong’s current apartment has 2 bedrooms, the market price will be sufficiently furnished and the rent will be 6 million VND / month. The Airbnb number is quite ideal, but it is not known if it will be lost.

 Rent Airbnb room to earn about 5 million per month
Rent Airbnb room to earn about 5 million per month

Select room type:

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là Đăng-ký-tài-khoản-host-airbnb-5-600x596.png
Select your Airbnb room type

Enter your address, then review it on the map; Edit for exact location. Because guests will rely on it to find rooms:

 Import The room address on Airbnb is exactly
Import The room address on Airbnb is exactly
 Pull back the correct room location on Airbnb correctly
Pull back the correct room location on Airbnb correctly

Step 3: Add photos and room information:
You should choose a beautiful, realistic image of your room, about 10 panels.

Thêm hình ảnh phòng của bạn lên Airbnb
Những tiện ích mà khách được sử dụng
Những tiện ích mà khách được sử dụng

Write a description: name for the room you rent. If you are a tourist, you also need to read this section carefully before deciding to book, so invest in it, write attractive enough, but true to your place.

Step 4: Rules of your home, your request with guests, time to pick up guests:
In this step, you will select the sections such as ID, request to read your rules, confirm another time to …

yêu cầu cụ thể với khách từ Airbnb khi thuê nhà bạn là gì?
What is the specific request for guests from Airbnb when renting your house?
Có thể yêu cầu giấy tờ tuỳ thân & chọn lựa những khách chưa từng có review xấu trên Airbnb.
Can request identification papers & amp; Select customers who have never had a bad review on Airbnb.

Remember to go through the house rule section, such as not accepting smoking guests, guests with children, staying up to how many days, at least how many days, how long to book …

Set up the calendar where you can get visitors: if you have family members visiting you, or traveling without a visitor … or have visitors from other sites, you can block visitors from Airbnb.

Set up lịch đón khách của bạn, thời gian phòng của bạn trống để đón khác trên Airbnb
Set up your pick-up schedule, your room time is empty to pick up on Airbnb

Step 5: Specify room rates:
Airbnb will suggest you a room rate, based on your travel experience, your investment costs & amp; maintain, the number of nearby competitors … that consider the basic room rate, the highest price, the lowest price you can rent.

Quy định giá phòng Airbnb của bạn
Regulate the price of Airbnb’s room you

You should choose a discount for the first guest, a weekly offer, a monthly offer … Airbnb recommends a 21% discount if booked 7 days, and 49% if booked from 1 month .
You review the information, update the image fully … then your room has appeared on Airbnb and you can access it now!

Phòng Airbnb mà Cường đang đăng cho thuê ở Thủ Đức
Airbnb Room Cuong is posting for rent in Thu Duc

So the account registration is complete, becoming a host – can welcome tourists from all over the world. & nbsp; I like Airbnb, from the preferential $ 47 for new members to book rooms or services when traveling (must register via this link: ) … to be able to post rooms to manage & amp; I should try to register to see it.

I will write more experiences when doing Airbnb host & amp; Rent a room to welcome tourists in the next article.

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