Review Top 8 Most beautiful Balinese temples


Bali Island, Indonesia is known as the island of the gods, where many temples are located in very beautiful locations. Visiting the Hindu temple is a wonderful and most distinctive part of your trip. Bali has dozens of temples, but he only lists a few of the most beautiful temples you should visit, sorted by the most beautiful order descending. For the easiest Bali Travel plan you should download the Bali travel Guide ebook.

Ulun Danu Bratan

Anytime you search on Bali tourism will also show off the picture of this temple. Set amidst Betaran lake with views of Kintamani volcano. It is the most beautiful temple in Bali that you cannot not visit.

Temple Ulun Danu Bratan-Bali travel self-sufficiency

-Rating: 4.6/5. -How to: Rent a private car on to Ulun Danu Beratan and visit other temples, along with Mount Kintamani. Link Rental Car-address: Jl. Bedugul, Bali opening hours: 08:00 am – 18:00 pm.-Best Sightseeing hours: 8am-11am. -Price: Admission to 50k IRD port/adult, 25k/child. Parking Fee: 5k/Car

Tanah Lot

Nothing does not describe the earthly beauty of the temple. Beside the temple are giant cliffs, sea views and sunsets are very impressive. Tanah Lot is the second-most famous temple in Bali, on low tide days, you will have a chance to walk to the temple between the sea.

Tanah Lot temple-tourism Bali
temple of Tanah Lot

-Rating: 4.9/5-day festival in Tanah Lot: 9/1/2019, 7/3/2019, 4/3/2020, 30/9/2020. -Way to: Rent a private car ½ or raw on to Tanah Lot to incorporate elsewhere nearby. You also run the motorbike to but slightly farther and tired-address: located in Southeast Bali. -Opening Hours: 7:00am-19:00. Best Sightseeing Hours: 3:30pm-5:30pm to see sunset. -Price: Admission to 60k port/adult, 30k/child. The charge of OTO Parking: 5k, motorbike: 2k.


One of the 6 most important Balinese temples and most beautiful, is located at the southernmost end, where the beautiful sunset is situated on the majestic 70m tall cliff cliffs.

Uluwatu Temple-Tourism Bali
Uluwatu shrine

-Rating: 4.9/5-way to: Rent a private car ½ or raw date to Uluwatu combine other attractions. Link rental car or rent a motorbike to go here if you are nearby. -Address: Pecatu Village, Kuta Sub-district, Badung Regency, 25km from South Kuta, take about 1 hours. -Opening Hours: 9am-18:00. Best Sightseeing Hours: 3:30pm-5:30pm to see sunset. -Price: Tickets to the port 30k/person. The charge of OTO Parking: 5k, motorbike: 2k.

Pura’s Shrine Portal

This is where you will have excellent beautiful photographs with heavenly gates, volcanic and contrasting images from the lake. While it goes slightly away but is worthy, it goes in the morning when the temple recently opens, less tourists, nor will you have to wait to take pictures and the scenery is also more beautiful.

-Rating: 4.9/5-way to: Rent a private car ½ or raw date to Pura Lempuyang, or hire motorbike to run, the road goes pretty far close to 70km from Ubud. You can also combine the water tour of Amed The coral reefs + wreck. Amed beaches are especially black sand by lava from the volcano. -Opening Hours: 9am-17:00-fares: free but you just need to raise money as the entrance ticket at all intervals from 10.000 – 30.000 IDR

Gunung Kawi Temple

This is the oldest temple of Bali building from the 11th century, as one of the four most popular temples, in addition to the pagoda, the statues carved into the monumental wall, surrounded by the temple, are characterized by famous terraces in Bali.

Gunung Kawi temple-Bali travel self-sufficiency

-Rating: 4.9/5. -Way to: Hire a private car ½ or raw on a combination of other attractions. You can accompany the temple Tirta Empul and Elephant Temple. -Address: Tampaksiring, north of Ubud. -Price: Admission to Port: 15k per person. Parking Fee: 5k/car.

Shrine of St. Tirta Empul

The temple is very sacred in Bali, where you are soaking yourself into a holy lake to be blessed by the blessing, this is the very favorite temple of tourists. However, in addition to cultural and religious value, the temple has no spectacular views as well as the temples listed above.

Temple of St. Tirta Empul-Bali travel self-sufficiency

-Rating: 4.0/5-way to: Hire a private car ½ or raw date combine other attractions. -Address: Jalan Tirta, Manukaya, tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali. V-Admission to port: 15k per person. Vehicle parking Fee: 2k Cars, Cars 5k.

Pura Besakih

Besakih Temple is considered the mother temple of Bali with a life of over 1000 years, located at a height of 1000m on the Agung Ridge. Besakih the largest and most sacred temple in Bali surrounded by natural landscapes varied from terraced landscapes, hilly mountains, streams… gorgeous.Besakih Temple-tourism Bali self-sufficiency

-Rating: 3.9/5. -Way to: Hire a private car ½ or raw on a combination of other attractions. Link Rental Car-Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00-Note: The temple has many locals trying to trick you to take money by saying donations, after buying tickets to the portal and wearing sarong keep going straight into not buying anything else.

Village Trunyan

The village continues to bury the living, to the self-decomposition under the giant Taru Menyan tree, the tree secreters a strong aroma, making the corpse unstinking or flies nhặng into the ebloc. This village is a bit scary but the super-unique experience, when I see the temple you see the corpse set there only cloth and clothes raised. Take a boat on Lake Batur on a scenic view, come to Bali that you don’t go to the village of Trunyan.


Village Trunyan-Bali travel self-sufficiency
Village Trunyan

-Rating: 5.0/5-ways: Rent a private car to Lake Batur and rent a train to the village. The on-going raw car usually includes sightseeing and 1-2 views. -Price: Rent car 990k VND/truck for up to 7 people. -Price of Rental: 514, 900ird/1 people, 546.900 IRD/2 people, 578, 900ird/3 people, 610, 900ird/4 people, 642.900 IRD/5 people, 674.900 IRD/6 people, 706, 900ird/7 people. At the time of hiring you must say the driver shipped to the main train station to sell a ticket to the Queen, if the driver was deeply transported to many people who drove them well or cut you off.

To arrange for the most beautiful Balinese temples as above, you should spend at least 5 days visiting Bali just enough of the temples, walks, and islands around Bali such as Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Gili. The island of Eat, Pray, Love This is where I keep going back and still see the delights you should once come to Bali will be perceived as himself. Best Make Bali travel self-sufficiency, self-going to feel the wonderful beauty of Bali. If you go with a lover, choose the private villa with a swimming pool, view to the sea or the wet green rice field in Ubud. (Velvet Blogger article)]]>

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