Experience in the schedule of tourism details Myanmar 7 day self-sufficiency

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Myanmar in recent years attracted a lot of young friends who love to travel by the "mysteries" and the ancient, peaceful, interspersed nature of the country. This article shares the Myanmar tourism experience in 7 days with a full range of outstanding destinations in this country.

Some things about the country, Myanmar people:

  • Myanmar is the new name and is commonly known, but the old name is the kingdom of Burma and is still widely used.
  • Myanmar men often don't wear pants that use a longyi, similar to a dress, so you travel Myanmar, don't be surprised at the man wearing the skirt.
[caption id = "attachment_2570" align = "aligncenter" width="6000Myanmar men wear longyi dresses."] Myanmar men wear longyi skirts. [/caption]
  • The Burmese would love to eat paan, which as he sees mostly men, you easily see them selling betel in markets or near temples.
[caption id = "attachment_2571" align = "aligncenter" width = "60The semi-betel man at Bogyoke Market, Yangon.0"] The semi-betel man at Bogyoke Market, Yangon. [/caption]
  • Myanmar women often use a powder that is sharpened from the trunk to illuminate the face, named Thanakha-this powder helps the skin they can avoid hot and beautiful min-membranous.
[caption id = "attachment_2582" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] ThaThanaka powder, a type of powder commonly used by Myanmar women to obliterate the skin to help protect the complexion under hot weather.naka powder, a type of powder commonly used by Myanmar women to obliterate the skin to help protect the complexion under hot weather. [/caption]
  • Myanmar is a Buddhist country, so your Myanmar trip will definitely have to visit a lot of temples… you will not be wearing short trousers and have to leave the shoes in addition to the Temple shrine. Therefore, it is best to bring the shoes, so you should have a longyi, when you enter the Pagoda… slippers can be inserted in Balo, because many temples you enter this road and the other way, so the right back.
  • In a number of lights, the pagoda in Myanmar, women will not be stepped up to the worship, so you remember to take note and observe thoroughly. (Like a temple in the Inle Lake area without remembering the name)
  • The Burmese are often black in color than the Vietnamese. Most are in Bagan, Yangon, a lot of people know English should communicate fairly easily. They are also very comfortable when they ask for a visit or need help.
  • In Myanmar, especially Yangon has a lot of cars, so the car jam happens regularly, for the exit of the bus or the airport will take about 1-2h for the 20km distance, so you should prepare the spirit and arrange for reasonable time. In addition, Myanmar's cars are much of a former car, so do not be surprised if they go right in the same Vietnamese but have a steering wheel (the steering is located on the right).

What is the preparation for the Myanmar tour?

  • Immigration procedure: Myanmar is a country in the ASEAN bloc, which is free of charge for Vietnamese people, you only need a passport to be able to enter Myanmar.
[caption id = "attachment_2566" align = "aligncenter" width = "480"Myanmar immigration you just have to use the remaining passport.] Myanmar immigration you just have to use the remaining passport. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2564" align = "aligncenter" width = "You fill out the Myanmar immigration registration form that receives the flight crew.600"] You fill out the Myanmar immigration registration form that receives the flight crew. [/caption]
  • Flights to Myanmar: His book tickets to Myanmar from the very early of Viejet Air-the close-to-the-fly company with 1,800 K-round, you can hunt for cheap aircraft tickets or Book 1 other aircraft with direct flight to Myanmar.
[caption id = "attachment_2565" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"VietJet Air opens the flight route to Yangon at a low cost if you buy from soon.] VietJet Air opens the flight route to Yangon at a low cost if you buy from soon. [/caption]
  • Currency Converter Myanmar:
    • In Myanmar only circulation of Myanmar currency is kyats (read "Flea", sometimes credited as MMK), 1000 kyats ~ 17000 VND, $1 ~ 1361 Kyats 1 hotel, you can still pay in USD, but it's best to change through kyats.
    • To change the kyats, you can change in Vietnam (the corner of Nguyen greeting-dong Khoi) or right at Yangon Airport, after entry, pass through the cash Exchange counters, choose which counters have better rates to change… but note that they are only the amount of money USD has a big denomination : 50, $100 and not be folded, curling corners, old-century-this is downright important because the currency exchange is very thorough and will return immediately if the request is not satisfactory.
[caption id = "attachment_2567" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] MoMoney dollars with folds will not be changed over the money kyats.ney dollars with folds will not be changed over the money kyats. [/caption]
  • Hotels in Myanmar: I'm booking via booking to select hotels, and the trip schedule is rather rushed, the time is mostly asleep on cars so I just stayed at 2 hotels/hostel is:
  • Eating & Migrating in Myanmar:
    • Dining in Myanmar is quite comfortable and costs are also not expensive, the price is similar to the Philippines, however, the usual rice dishes that Myanmar eats, are processed by hand mixing so that rice grains are often, and if unfamiliar, you will be somewhat difficult to eat. Alternatively, you can also try out typical tea-tasting salads, with a quaint, sour taste.
    • [caption id = "attachment_2576" align = "aligncenter" width = "6The Myamnar rice dish is used by hand, eaten with meat, vegetable...00"] The Myamnar rice dish is used by hand, eaten with meat, vegetable… [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2577" align = "aligncenter" width = "6Breakfast in Bagan after viewing dawn.00"] Breakfast in Bagan after viewing dawn. [/caption]
    • In Myanmar, if you move by Taxi (from the airport, go for sightseeing) then you should agree to the price from the start based on destinations and time, since taxis have no clocks. For example, renting a four-seat taxi moves out of the destination, during the morning, including the money waiting for sightseeing in temples and temples… Moving around the game, you can also hire an electric car (e-bike) or a horse ride in Bagan.
    • To move between cities in Myanmar (from Yangon-Bagan, Bagan-Mandalay, Mandalay-Inle Lake…), you can use the bus or train to vary from different races. The prestigious car house is often used by Vietnamese customers such as JJ Bus Express. (Review & Tips for savings when ordering JJ Bus Express)

Brief schedule for the Myanmar trip 7 days

Day 1:

  • Flying lunchtime on Yangon airport, after entering Myanmar, you catch taxis on the bogyoke drinking market for milk tea.
  • Take the local bus to the marina, catch the JJ bus Express to Bagan in the night-sleeping car.

Day 2:

  • Get off the bike, rent a taxi to watch the sunrise at Shwesandaw Pagoda, then take the temples, temples in Old Bagan area: Ananda temple, Dhammayan Gyi Pagoda, Thatbyinnyu Temple…
  • For the hotel, check in Bagan Central Hotel, rest
  • 3h afternoons shared taxi welcomes trekking Popa and sunset.

Day 3:

  • Rent an E bike to see the dawn in Bu Le Thi Pagoda.
  • Take a walk to Minnanthu village, a long-neck woven area and a number of large temples: Gawdaw Palin, Shwezigon Pagoda Gold Pagoda…
  • Spot the sunset in Dhammayazaka Pagoda

Day 4:

  • Rent a stagecoach to the early morning dawn, then return to the hotel room and get up to Mandalay
  • Take Mandalay, see sunset at the world's longest wooden bridge Ubein.
  • Dark asleep on the bus to Inle Lake.

Day 5:

  • Get off the car, contact Boattour to see the dawn and Ride, lunch on the Inle Lake in Myanmar's second-largest freshwater lake and at 800m altitude.
  • Resting in the town of Nyaungshwe.
  • Go back to Yangon.

Day 6:

  • Catch a taxi to the center of the city and see the Golden Pagoda of Shwedagon in Yangon.
  • Check out hotel in SAT Hostel, China town.
  • Dining, sightseeing China town.

Day 7:

  • Breakfast, go bogyoke market to buy gifts about Vietnam.
  • Get taxi to the airport, goodbye Myanmar.

Cost for 7 days exploring Myanmar self-sufficiency:

  • Air ticket: 1,800 K/round trip
  • Hotel rooms: $63 in Bagan & $23 in Yangon (for 2 persons)
  • Cost of Sightseeing: Bagan: 25k kyats, Inle: 10k kyats, Yangon Gold Pagoda: 8k kyats.
  • Passenger car: Yangon-> Bagan: $12; Bagan-> Mandalay: 6k kyats; Mandalay-> Inle Lake: $12; Inle Lake-> Yangon: 9k kyats.
  • Boat Tour at Inle Lake: approximately 800k
  • Eat, shop and other arise.
The total cost, approximately 8-10 million for 7 days exploring Myanmar with most of the famous tourist venues.

Rated 5 great experiences you are trying on a Myanmar tour:

  1. See the dawn exploring the mysterious Bagan lands.
  2. Obliterate Thanakha and wore Longyi.
  3. See the world's most beautiful sunset on the world's largest timber bridge Ubein at Mandalay.
  4. See the dawn and explore the second-largest lake of Myanmar at 800m.
  5. Drinking milk tea, eating exotic Myanmar dishes.
Here is an overview of Myanmar's tourism, you should also see more of the journey in your 7 days with a series on Myanmar tourism. ]]>