Should you use the 4g Sim or the WiFi generator when travelling abroad?

The Internet connection when traveling not only serves for virtual purposes, but also to ensure the safety of the contact, seeking information when travelling. I have a slight comparison of the packet price between a 4g sim in a number of countries, hiring the WiFi, and Airsim (the new multi-function 4g) after using all 3 services when travelling. You can refer to your choice of service accordingly:

Advantages of Airsim-the multi-Sim 4g versatile when travelling:

Airsim sim du lịch - Should you use the 4g Sim or the WiFi generator when travelling abroad?
Airsim-The 4g sim when travelling

-Because the type of SIM can be used in many countries, so that you will not have to waste the time of buying your SIM at the airport in each country. A number of countries are quite time consuming, having to prepare the cards, then queue… Quite ex
treme.-If you are a person who is usually abroad (from 3 times or more per year), go alone or two, then the cost of using 4g will probably sa
ve more.-The operation of Airsim just made on mobile app is pretty convenient

Cons:-Must i
nvest 600k at first (can calculate minus $10, is longer than 300k) to buy hard sim, if not counted this part, the packet price will be cheaper than the 4g package or rent the WiFi generator: link to buy Airsim on Tiki :
must be exported at least 1 time/year to active SIM. After active, Airsim is renewed for a year.-Hold the SIM
card to find out… as they will be available to the passport cover to always remember each time preparing a foreign travel

Reference = > post Airsim details

The downside of the Sim 4g purchased in each country:

The advantage of these 4g sim is the internet speed is quite stable and will typically bonus more than 30 minutes of calling. In terms of charge, you will usually have 3 days packages, 5 days… If you travel with the number of days of these plans, it is quite a good saving.

Cons: Will usually have to buy at the airport, register and charge a little procedure. will have to quit after the water and prices are also more expensive. However, if only purchased for personal use is OK, not adding devices such as the WiFi generator. If you use a SIM phone as before I spend a little bit of a moment because I have to add a primary SIM to receive calls & Cuted from Vietnam. To save these steps,
you will also make a pre-order to purchase the 4g sim via a number of app such as Klook , pre-purchase & to airport find counters, show QR code out to be = > Https://

Reference = > Registration guide Klook get 80k buy Sim & Vé Travel

Advantages of the mobile WiFi Bureau:

review cuc phat wifi gohub 3 - Should you use the 4g Sim or the WiFi generator when travelling abroad?
Connect to the Internet using the WiFi office Gohub in UAE

Pros: Mobile WiFi broadcast will usually be rented from Vietnam or at the airport in your country to travel to… and will also be very handy if you are in group or need internet for work, use the WiFi broadcast to save At the same time, do not charge the battery… A number of WiFi devices are now able to recharge fire when the device is out of battery power.
At the same time I use the Gohub service, when renting out the WiFi from Vietnam will be sent with a multi-function adapter, which uses various types of sockets in many countries.

Cons: You have to prepare to add a device carrying, re-charging the battery… And sometimes unused calling is (unless using Viber, Messenger…). If you go alone, it is more inconvenient than buying a Sim stick straight to your phone.

Reference = > Review Department of WiFi Gohub

In sum, should you use 4g or a WiFi player?

With each service provider, each form, the packet will be priced differently… to an online trip that regularly serves for personal work or goals, you should compare the number of high capacity each day , the price… to decide Nhé.

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