Study guide for international scuba Diving in Nha Trang

Before, when watching TV on the discovery of the seabed, the coral… I once wished to have a chance to experience it, after a time traveling in many seas, there was also a diving test with the tourguide, which realized that there was International scuba diving has a wide variety of benefits such as: being deep-dive, watching more beautiful scenes, more active and cost cheaper.

Videos swimming along the fish are quite crowded.

According to the Learn, it is known that scuba diving is divided into two small subjects, free diving (freestyle scuba, non-use breathing) and scuba diving (dive-use), and for the convenience of diving in various diving areas. , in Vietnam people will usually choose to study one of the two categories by the world's two largest organizations. It is the PADI (Professional Diver Association World-of America) and SSI (School of Diving International-Thailand). And, will also be divided into many different ranks for each depth: Open water (maximum 18m), Advance Open Water, Dive Master, Pilates v. V and equally valuable on the global scope. However, the price of the PADI diving course usually has a higher cost. [caption id = "attachment_2483" align = "aligncenter" width = "4With an international dive from SSI on mobile apps.13"] With an international dive from SSI on mobile apps. [/caption] to learn to dive, there are many centers that can help you go to school and grant, to make a free time for your decision to study in Nha Trang, for the voyage to the sea immediately, as well as your referral. The Open Water Diver course in SSI will usually have to study for 3 days, if you have not rested, a number of centres like there for a session at the swimming pool in HCMC and 2 days of sea-day practice. I chose a 3-day course at Angel scuba diving with a cost of $300 (about 6tr8), including lunch, snack, shuttle in Nha Trang, for a chance to take a 3-day diving opportunity. 7am, from Nha Trang City, Welcome to the hotel, as instructed by British guide Vietnamese, to the ship to the Mun, parallel in the process of the move will be guided to the need to note for a diver , one player diving the sea. [caption id = "attachment_2472" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"Hon Mun. Nha Trang-the familiar dive venue.] Hon Mun. Nha Trang-the familiar dive venue. [/caption]
  • Gas Maintenance Test
  • Check your shirt, snorkel, clock…
  • How to mount your jacket and breathe into gas.
  • Especially the situations encountered and should be handled when diving: ear pain, out of gas, breath, breathing, glass…
I forgot repeatedly, and you Pilates remind me. [caption id = "attachment_2475" align = "aligncenter" width = "60Diving in Nha Trang0"] Through a rock cave below the depths of around 12m. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2477" align = "aligncenter" wiDiving in Nha Trangdth = "600"] Scuba Diving in Nha Diving in Nha TrangTrang [/caption] during 3 days of training, you will learn each little bit, water practice from a depth of 5-10-18m, 18m is also the limit of an Open Water Diver dive… And in particular, after being instructed, he pilates the pool to explore the coral reefs and fish in the Mun. [caption id = "attachment_2481" align = "aligncenter" width = "337Special fish, which looks like an indynamic rock below the depths of around 10m."] Special fish, which looks like an indynamic rock below the depths of around 10m. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2478" align = "aligncenter" widSea ginseng, looks like a giant = "600"] Sea ginseng, looks like a giant worm. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2476" align = "aligncenter" widthA herd of fish is similar to Tiger fish. = "600"] 1 fishing herd similar to Tiger. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2474" align = "aligncenter" wThe eel, the length will fall around over 1m.idth = "600"] The eel, the length will fall around over 1m. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2482" align = "aligncenter" widA sea of = "600"] A sea of anemones. [/caption]
Difficult and difficult for himself especially taking a good breath, this doesn't seem to affect scuba diving, since all have a breath of ducks for the duration of the play. Of course, you should know swimming to be able to handle better if the problem may be encountered. [caption id = "attachment_2471" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"]Light meals on board while studying diving at Angel Dive. Light meals on board while studying diving at Angel Dive. [/caption] Between each dive (sunset), after losing quite a lot of effort, you will be provided with snacks including bread, 2 boiled eggs, little cucumber… and desserts with watermelon. Quite bored and dry, so you are not accustomed to self-preparing more food, however do not eat too, will make it difficult for the following diving. Around 1h, after 2 scuba diving (2 dive), alternating lessons, the crew returning to lunch at Angle Dive's office. The meal is more full, with a glass of fruit smoothie. I see learning not difficult, it is also because he tried scuba diving dive (with the tourguide) 2 times before, once in the Mun, once at the jump… so there was no feeling of water fear. However, I still use quite a bit of steam that leads to faster than others, the diving tour is also shorter. [caption id = "attachment_1215" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"]Notes for Diving guide coral at the Jumping Rapids Notes for Diving guide coral at the Rapids jumping [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_1216" align = "aligncenter" width="6000"]Team Go Explore After diving coral at the rapids of jumping Team Go Explore after diving coral at the rapids jumping [/caption] in the course of study, you are also instructed to read the SSI documentation in English. And after 3 days of training, you will join your Pilates as a test to review the knowledge and level of the diving certificate. And the SSI certificate will be sent via mail and in mobile apps, later when you join the scuba diving, just take this certificate for the tour party, they will allow you to dive. [caption id = "attachment_2483" align = "aligncenter" width = "413With an international dive from SSI on mobile apps."] With an international dive from SSI on mobile apps. [/caption] I was born in the mountains, Sea Island with its rather strange and fascinating, although it is still devoted to more emotional appetite. And about resting time after finishing work, I decided to try to give you a new experience: scuba diving (scuba Dive)… and incorporate the study of scuba diving as well as explore the ocean world. This may be another beginning, although the cost for this diving is not cheap, but I'm sure it will be a great experience.                    ]]>