The talk discusses the Shark spirit: "The young you go to do should not go ahead of seven dark"

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Saw Thien Xia to share the article talking about the sentence of her Thai Yunlinh (Shark ghost): "The young you go to do shouldn't be about before seven dark, so is too soon!" and expressed no co-friendship, even "cursing"…. The reason given most is not science, do not know the life enjoyment!

Work matching tourism
Work matching tourism

In order to read carefully, according to the direction of her communication, it is desirable that you should have a more thorough desire to learn, and spend more time on the course of 8 hours. Every day 1 hours is not so much so that you don't have the time to do other things. Well, the article is pretty well-told that the story is balanced with life, I agree that, but to be aware that in addition to learning in school, experience when going to work, who, will always need more accruing.

I have also had a working period of a lot, (it is no longer possible without success) partly due to lazy, partly due to no inspiring work, and giddy. We've been up to work at 6am, to the company at 9h, and sit at the office or out of the cafe, laptop-seated at 9pm. Last week going to the workshop, the workshop just learned, made a relationship…!

That's not going to play as much as hours, no giddy as time should be seen as well. Seeing friends, having new knowledge, the company has air conditioning, drinking water, lots of food (which is also a fat reason since going to work). Now look back, I never regret having missed out on a lot of fun or time for yourself. I can earn money (much more at present), there are many clients, relationship friends… Even at the present stage, he is very eager to find the "enthusiasm" and the previous work motivation. 

So, if you're young, younger than yourself, or new to school 1 2 years, or even older than yourself… I think it's still true if I applied the sentence of her Linh, learned never late, never admit. 

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