How do I prepare for my "leave"?

  • Vietnamese people are often afraid to mention grief, or unlucky… But to me this is a normal problem. Going through 1/3 life, enough to think about the leave, about the preparation for the leave.
  • In his inseparable things, in addition to basic things such as papers, bank cards always have two cards: a donation card and an insurance card. -Remember the date of registration and receive a donation card, a colleague who sits in the right side of a swearing, crazy… But I know that this is the act of thinking thoroughly. Each person is born and lives once, dies, but there will be a lot of cases to be painful, lack of luck because of anemia, no organ to transplant… Taking parts that are no longer worth helping for those circumstances, will be a lot better… A man walks out but knows where the chances of life are two, 3 others. It's not better to be useless under 2m. If the most remorse of life has not been done to the present, it is probably a return to his family and parents. Not too bad but not when satisfied what do be for the family. Few times to death, several accidents… The scary thought is whether if you leave, there is a greater burden in the spirit, the material of the two born. The insurance is just something that can do it now. Everyone has one time to live, and only one time to die. Death stars for rewarding and not to influence too to people living.]]>

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