The youth is the most beautiful time, and it is modified with what is called salary?

Long read on Facebook you have shared the sentences: "The young age is the most beautiful time, and it is modified with what is known as the salary" I added a sentence "but had to be a change when it was priced"… After a few years of school, I find it very strange that many people out of unemployment, go home to continue the work of the family that ignored what is learned, but also not few places to find people who do not…. Many people are inbox seeking people, but I don't know who to introduce… For me, the child is in need of hard work, a progressive… For sale has been priced, the more, afraid of being able to learn and bring a lot of value that is modified with high wages. But then read this, think about a friend, ill, still waking up late for the proposal for the idea of pitching… Drink cafe to wake though it's not good for your sick. See horrible injuries. In about the agency, the OT, wake-up, stay the company, do last week… Almost the "natural".. KPIs, Deadline is the most widely used keyword, having a bad talk, just to discuss customers seems to be routine. I've had a really diligent day, a few days on the Ageny gender that do not work and embrace the whole project… Up to 6am-work until 8h-car on the company-work up to 7 8h, even if the team still has a later meeting… And then the bathroom, dinner. And Chong Lamp treats the company or set up ads to the midnight and go to sleep. Last week go cafe with clients or go to workshop, offline to learn, create relationships. And then, do not withstand the pressure and the ridiculous story of the public working environment, agency so that he is unemployed as time. After a long period of unemployment, it has not done anything significant, but it is certainly no longer seen as much trouble as before… Send mail, call Exchange after 7h… And then there are those who continue to call and exchange others working late.]]>

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