Those notes that help you anti-squeezed when trekking in the woods

Squeezed with the same shape as floss, ability to cling and climb to clothes, the body to suck the blood. When the blood smoke is clear, the antifreeze causes blood to flow continuously and is difficult to stop bleeding. The bite of an easy-to-cause itching, discomfort.

Rainy season, when selecting trekking, climbing in the woods, is facing quite frequently. 
This article shares a number of experiences themselves accumulated, as well as being shared from many people, hoping to help you fight off somewhat.
  • -Select the outfit to cover the easy-to-squeeze positions such as the collar, sleeves, trouser tubes by going to shoes, long clothes, gloves, neck clots, socks to cover the pants or use more bear bundles, the pants with teddy bears , it's going to cover the legs, this is a very easy place.
  • -Anti-squeezed drugs, buy and obliterate from your feet to the knees, abdominal hips, neck, hand… Ask the DEP medication in the pharmacy, rather compact and cheap.
  • -should not stand or sit for a long place. When seated, select a stone or dry place, avoid areas with a wide range of trees, dense, moist.
  • -When you see the clothes in the suit, avoid to squeeze into the body.
  • -When the bite, it should take a light at the top of the hose so that they release the word and get out, some cases use salt or burn the fire to the baby, it will release itself.
  • The wound is often clotting too much blood, but not too dangerous, calm clean and keep it tight for a long time, using the individual tapes glued tightly and continue to move. Range 30p breaks check foot and replace tape if needed.
The rainy season, the trekking in the woods will often face squeezed. You have a fun and successful trip.

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