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Since it has been discovered to date, the Trekking line features-Phan dung has never been hot, though for Trekking in the rainy season or the dry-grass season. With trekking lovers or even occasional office staff with trekking, the function is still a fascinating destination.

[caption id = "attachment_2623" align = "aligncenter" widthTrekking features – Phan dung, the hot trekking road supply for the last 3 years. = "600"] Trekking features – Phan dung, the hot trekking road supply for the last 3 years. [/caption] After writing a guide to trekking-Phan dung 1.5 days and trekking features-phan Dung in the rainy season 2016 then we get a lot of questions to advise on the supply… and when the road supply-Phan dung is not happy about time , or sometimes you see some cases like a stray, lack of drinking water… Here, we divert everyone who should go with the prestigious team or leader, do not encourage everyone to go without the ability to afford & the experience. This article, I would like to share on the supply trekking road-features, with a length of about 30km, shorter than the regular-than-Phan dung, but is still full of experience such as the pass, the streams, the virtual life before the hills of thousands , camping between the wilderness, morning waking up in a distant place, dropping himself between the cool spring… As you see, this is the trekking bows that fit you want to try with the trekking department or the desire to take a scenic ride to enjoy the scenery here. [caption id = "attachment_2625" align = "aligncenter" width = "60Trekking Features – Phan dung is selected by many people for 2 weekends.0"] Trekking Features – Phan dung is selected by many people for 2 weekends. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2619" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] A nA night on the wreckage of a roaring fire between the mountain forest.ight on the slopes of fire between the mountain of the palace. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2618" align = "aligncenter" widthFlowers blossoming in the Trekking features-Phan dung="6000"] the blossoming kneel on the Trekking Road Palace-Phan Dung [/caption]

Schedule Trekking Features-the ability 2 days 1 night:

  • Day 0 (Friday evening):-21h30 – The car will pick up a delegation in Saigon area, typically 29 seats and is concentrated at the cultural Palace of Labour (near Tao Dan Park). -22h00 – Departure to the communal commune, people will rest on the car, the time of the move will take about 7 hours. People should prepare cold clothes, towels for early morning when it comes to very cold.
  • Day 1 (Sat):-5h00-car stop at Da Loan market, in the commune's commune in Duc Nhat district. The group will be in breakfast here with dishes: beef noodle, rice vermicelli, pasta package, then arrange the arrangements for trekking-7:00-vehicles both on the set point and start walking. -11h00 – After four trekking in the pine forest and crossing five slopes, we reach the steep crest of the tiger, with the hilly hills along with the mountain peaks. Porter offers food, lunch groups. -12h30 – Continue the trekking itinerary through magnificent high-altitude grassy hills, conquered by the 3 provinces, Lam Dong – Ninh Thuan – Binh Thuan, one of the highest in the area with a higher altitude of over 900m. -14h30-heading to the campsite, people build tents, free living and enjoy the atmosphere here. BTC will prepare food and fire firewood. -16h20 – Return to the campsite and grill food and cook together-18h00-barbecue, starting with grilled chicken, chicken porridge, grilled pork and wine. Everyone eats dinner, playing around the fire cooker between the hilly mountains.
[caption id = "attachment_2626" align = "aligncenter" width = "600Camp in between the mountain forest."] Camp on the mountain of the palace. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2616" align = "aligncenter" width="A picturesque Trekking line.6000"] supply of picturesque Trekking paths. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2617" align = "aligncenter" width = "The specialty hills in the function.600"] The specialty hills are in the function. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2624" align = "aligncenter" wiThe cycle of fire grass.dth="6000"] the cycle of fire grass. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2610" align = "aligncenterPrepare for the evening with BBQ barbecue." width = "600"] Prepare for the evening with BBQ barbecue. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2615" align = "aligncenteDinner with BBQ, barbecue in the woods after 1 day trekking fatigue.r" width = "600"] Dinner with BBQ, barbecue in the woods after 1 day trekking fatigue. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2611" align = "aligncenter" width=Come to the possibility, you will surely understand why the trekking line this is hot."6000"] comes with the function, surely you will understand why the trekking line this is hot. [/caption]
  • Day 2 (Sun):-5h00 – Wake up pickup, eat noodles, drink café, live virtual, take pictures… -7:00 – Move the tent and clean the camping area, then come back. -9:00am-Go back to the top of the tiger, look at the hill of the grass here… -11h30-out to the grocery store, people reward each other with ice-cream sticks at 1k, cool water cans and wait for the car to pick up. -12h30 – To lunch spot, people take turns bath, lunch and rest-15h00-car departures back to Saigon-19h00-car stop at the stopping station for people to dine (self-cost)-22h-car to Saigon , both the breakup and the crew see you.
[caption id = "attachment_2620" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] DDawn of a function-if you're lucky you will have a chance to meet the clouds.awn of a function-if you're lucky you will have a chance to meet the clouds. [/caption] [caption id = "attachment_2613" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] Soon tSoon to wake up in a distant place.o wake up in a distant place. [/caption]

[caption id = "attachment_2622" align = "aligncenter" width="6000"] caCamping spots on high hills early in the morning.mping spots on high hills early in the morning. [/caption]

Cost for Voyage-trip features 2 days 1 night:

The total cost for this road supply is 1,450,000 (cuongly discount 50k) for groups of 10 or more, which include:
  • Moving costs.
  • Eating during the journey (except for a self-sufficient sun evening).
  • Tents, sleeping bags, thermal insulation… (usually 3-4 people/tents); Rose Baht for living area, dining, kitchen…
  • 2 – 3 Tour Guide and the many Porter experience controlling and supporting delegation throughout the cruise.
  • Insurance travel Insurance with maximum compensation fee: 20 million VND/case.
As there will be porter bringing general furniture and dining so people will bring personal clothes, medicines, snacks, tech stuff… And the delegation will play an additional bottle of water 1.5 L + 1 bed bag (200g) + 1 part lunch (200g) before the export. So you can prepare enough laptop backpacks to bring the dishes on nhé. Average Balo males about 5 kg, balo females about 3kg. Individual offers can refer to his further articles: furniture prepared for a 4WD of & trekking.

Extra note for trip-ability features 2 days 1 night:

  • Always raise the sense of protecting the environment itself during the trip, not litter, especially non-biodegradable widgets like water bottles, plastic bags…
  • Do not split the group, so follow the direction of your leader when moving, through the stream…
  • Prepare health before going about 2 weeks by exercising as a jogging, escalating stairs…, eating enough substance to ensure health.
  • Preparation of individual special medicines…
  • The most important of a trekking trip is probably spiritual: always keep a spirit of comfort – optimism during the trip, this beautiful scene will dispel all your tired. If there are health issues that should inform you leader to be able to help and support to take a safe and wonderful trip.
  • Trekking is an adventurous outdoor adventure but is increasingly attracting many people, however the participants need to identify the psychological and prepare skills for themselves in attendance.

Join Trekking features 2 days 1 night:

You wish you had a great trekking trip – memorable features & many beautiful scenes. If you want to challenge more, by trip from the (Lam Dong)-down to Phan Dung (Binh Thuan), can read more of this article: Guide Trekking features – Phan dung 1.5 days – the most beautiful trekking road in Vietnam or contact hung at 1800k cost (code cuongly reduced 50k).]]>